Fishless Waters in YNP

Fishless Waters in YNP

What? Why write a post about places that ain’t got no fish??? Because I see people fishing them all the time. Here is a list of places that definitely aren’t worth it, that I see or know of people fishing routinely, separated by road segment they’re near. Note the list isn’t exhaustive. It just covers commonly fished waters that hold nothing at all…

North Entrance Road and Old Gardiner Road

Slide Lakes and Mammoth Beaver Ponds: off the gravel Old Gardiner Road between Mammoth and Gardiner and accessible via the Beaver Ponds Trail from Mammoth

Mammoth-Norris Road

Africa Lake: down the hill from the highway halfway between Mammoth and Rustic Falls

Swan Lake (though the sloughs east of the highway do hold some brook trout)

All Roadside Ponds between Indian Creek Campground and Roaring Mountain

Twin Lakes

Norris-Canyon Road

Ice Lake

Gibbon River System above Virginia Cascades upstream to Wolf Lake and Grebe Lake: These waters were poisoned in 2017-2018 for a planned westslope cutthroat trout and fluvial (stream-dwelling) Arctic grayling reintroduction. As such they’re fishless for the moment, but in 3-5 years should be good again.

Cygnet Lakes

Mammoth-Tower Road

Phantom Lake (often dry in fact, hence the name)

Floating Island Lake

Other seasonal roadside ponds

Tower-Canyon Road

Rainy Lake

Northeast Entrance Road

All roadside ponds, including those off the Slough Creek Campground Road

Shrimp Lake and Buck Lake (up the hill from Trout Lake)

Canyon-Fishing Bridge Road

All tributary streams as well as the portion of the Yellowstone River within Hayden Valley are permanently closed. I still see people fishing these waters when I drive by…

East Entrance Road

Turbid Lake and lower Sedge Creek (Sedge Creek has fish above the lake)

West Entrance Road

Harlequin Lake

Highway 191 North of West Yellowstone

Divide Lake

Old Faithful to West Thumb

Isa Lake

Scaup Lake

Duck Lake

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