Government Shutdown’s Impacts on Yellowstone Park

Government Shutdown’s Impacts on Yellowstone Park

Due to the temper tantrum by the idiot in the White House government shutdown, Yellowstone National Park operations are being impacted. From what I can gather from the park’s news release on the shutdown, most outdoor activities within the park will still be possible, including over-snow travel on the roads. Park concessionaires will be maintaining road grooming into the interior. Plowing along the road from Gardiner to Cooke City may or may not be maintained.

As for XC ski trail grooming, time will tell. I am currently in Moscow, Idaho, so I don’t have the specific details on what will be done with these trails. With some snow in the forecast, ungroomed trails will quickly become impassable to standard edgeless touring skis, though snow is not supposed to be heavy enough to make our light edged backcountry touring skis unsuitable.

Here’s the official park news release. Keep an eye on the park’s news release page for updates.

For what it’s worth, there will still be law enforcement rangers on the park roads. They will have heavier workloads than usual and won’t be getting paid for their work. Happy Holidays, I guess… Make their jobs easier and don’t speed or act stupid towards animals.

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