Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Passes Required Beginning Friday, May 19!

NOTICE: As of May 15, 2017, all anglers fishing in the state of Montana must purchase an Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Pass in addition to standard Fishing and Conservation Licenses. These passes will be available from all Montana License Agents as well as Montana FWP and cost $2 for residents and $15 for nonresidents.

EDIT May 15: We received the above notice from the Montana Fishing Outfitters Association, but the governor has not actually signed the law yet. As such, the above IS NOT yet in effect. We’re going to leave this post intact so that folks know that they need to be on the lookout for this permit, when it does come into effect. It might do so with very little notice

EDIT May 19: The governor signed the bill yesterday. Anglers need to come in to get their additional permits now; there will likely be a bit of a grace period due to the oddity (chaos) of adding a new permit in the middle of the season, but don’t delay!

One comment on “Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Passes Required Beginning Friday, May 19!

  1. I live in Western New York but fish in Montana every summer. The idea of an Aquatic Invasive Specie Pass does not bother me, but I have strong feeling this is a waste of time. Here, in New York we are just now getting over the Zebra mussel invasion from 1989. Invasive plants are growing in not only every lake, but also rural reservoirs off limits to boats. Undoubtedly transported by ducks and geese!

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