2021 Snowpack Update and Season Streamflow Forecast

2021 Snowpack Update and Season Streamflow Forecast

Walter just posted a thorough season streamflow update over on his personal website. Rather than reposting it here, we’ll just suggest you head over there.

Long story short is that we are at 90-108% of average snowpack in the drainage basins that impact our operations. While not bad, this isn’t as high as we would like to be sure of good August water conditions.

The long-term outlooks do not suggest significant improvement in the above numbers for the remainder of the winter. We’re instead likely to remain flat or have the numbers decline a bit over the next six to eight weeks before the heavy spring melt begins.

So we’ll likely be near average in the Yellowstone Basins (at 106-108% now), but below average in the Madison Basin, which includes the Firehole and Gibbon (at 90-91% now).

The next update will pop around April 1, and no it won’t be a joke.

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