Buried Around Here! – Brief Report and Explanation by Walter

A distinct lack of fishing reports from us… Here’s an explanation.

Richard Parks underwent triple bypass surgery on a near-emergency basis a bit over two weeks ago. He also got two new heart valves and a pacemaker. Needless to say, he’s been out of the rotation since then. That’s meant the rest of our full-time guide and shop staff have been going non-stop in our busiest month. I (Walter) last had an “off” (parentheses because I’m never really off) day on July 2. Otherwise it’s been guiding, then helping with the bookkeeping, doing the payroll, paying bills, and whatnot, sometimes until 9 PM. The rest of our staff have been just as busy. We actually have fewer full-time staff in the shop right now due to Richard’s medical issues than we did back in my first season, 2001, despite running almost 3X as many guided trips and doing about 2.7 times as much business over the counter. Something had to give, and it was fishing reports.

Richard’s starting to ease back into the rotation. He’s answering his e-mails now, anyway. That said, it’s still likely to be a month before regular fishing reports and whatnot reappear.

Here it is in brief:

Floats: Spectacular fishing. Dries in the morning (Clacka Caddis and pink hoppers, mostly), followed by giant hoppers (gold Chubby) and large peacock-bodied nymphs (20-Incher) after lunch, with caddis on overcast days. Over 100 dry fly bites for one angler before lunch in my boat today, though this was indeed a great day. We would dig some cool weather for overall consistency.

Walking: Still some Salmonflies up in the Black and Grand Canyons. Drakes and mayfly nymphs and ants in the Lamar Drainage. Chubby/nymph on the Gardner and rough water in the Lamar drainage. Great brookie fishing on any small creek where they are to be found.

Crowds: HIGH! Hike if you can.

5 comments on “Buried Around Here! – Brief Report and Explanation by Walter

  1. Will keep Richard in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Sorry to learn of your health situation Richard. Heal well.

  3. Sorry to hear about this Richard! Sounds like you just had ’em do the complete overhaul while they were in there! Thankful you are “on the mend”. Look forward to seeing you in the shop when we come out for our annual trip the last week in September.

  4. Spencer Elrod (Asheville, NC)

    August 15, 2017 at 2:44 PM Reply

    Best wishes to Richard for a speedy recovery. We hope to see him out on the stream soon.

  5. Yikes!

    Richard, it’s great to hear you are on the mend. Hope to see you soon.

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