Tying Season Post #1: Duracell Jig

Tying Season Post #1: Duracell Jig

Looking to start tying flies for the 2022 season now that it’s almost tying season rather than fishing season?

This pattern is a good place to start. It was our best nymph in late June 2021, both under large dry flies and under indicators, especially on the Yellowstone River. Hopefully we get more snow during the 2021-2022 winter and it melts later in the spring, which would push the 2021 late June conditions into the first half of July.

This is an easy pattern to tie, though it’s helpful to have a feather folder and a materials clip to make it easier to wrap the CDC hackle collar. If you don’t have these tools, just tie the CDC feather in by its tip and wrap it 2-3 turns, then trim it to length.

Video courtesy Fly Fish Food.

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