Want to Help Our Shop? Order some Flies!

Want to Help Our Shop? Order some Flies!

We are going to lose at least most and perhaps all of our tourist and guided trips business this season due to road damage inside Yellowstone Park and uncertain access to the Yellowstone River outside of the park associated with recent flooding. That said, we’ve got a shop full of flies, accessories, hats, and tee-shirts we are eager to sell once general road access to Gardiner is restored, and few tourists over the next few months to buy them! Please consider giving us a call at (406) 848-7314 or e-mailing us to place an order.

We have great inventory in the following items:

  • “Standard” flies for Montana and beyond from Umpqua Feather Merchants and Montana Fly Company: Chubby Chernobyls, Prince Nymphs, Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns… You get the idea.
  • Semi-local flies from Delektable Flies: Flies designed near Ennis for the Madison, Yellowstone, and other local rivers. Great stonefly and attractor nymphs!
  • Flies designed locally by our own Walter Wiese and tied by Catch Fly Fishing. We have almost the full range of Walter’s Flies: Bob Hoppers, Hazy Cripples, a couple soft hackles, many varieties of nymphs… Visit this link and scroll to page 105 to view all of Walter’s patterns.
  • A few custom flies tied by shop staff or designed by Richard Parks and Matt Minch, some of which are local-specific, some of which are broadly useful (Perdigons by Walter, for example).
  • Leaders, tippet, etc. from Umpqua, RIO, and Orvis.
  • Fly lines from Cortland and RIO.
  • Fly rods and reels from Orvis, ECHO, and Redington.
  • A huge selection of shop hats and tee-shirts.
  • Fairly limited range of rain gear, waders, and wading boots, but good stock of the range we carry.
  • Assorted other fly fishing paraphernalia (vests, packs, nippers, similar odds and ends).

We do not have an e-commerce store but are glad to do mail-order. We are working to get a limited e-commerce store set up and should have it ready to go tomorrow.

For the moment, you can purchase electronic gift cards here.

If you just want to give us a donation, you can do that here.

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