Warm November = Still Swing Season (Fly Video Content)

Warm November = Still Swing Season (Fly Video Content)

Often we’re about done fishing streamers for the year by this point in November. This year, November has generally been warm (and has been very dry — do your snow dances). It’s cold right now, but is forecast to warm up again in a few days.

The above means you can still turn some big fish on streamers fished on the swing. While lightweight spey rods are the hip tools for this job, you don’t actually need one. Any single-hand 9′ 6-7 weight will do fine (though spey rods are cool). Fish a moderate or slow-sinking tip.

You want to select a fly with a trailing hook or at least a “traditional” streamer where the hook is near the rear of the fly, something like a Spruce, a Muddler Minnow, or similar. Trout seldom inhale streamers fished on the swing this late in the year. Instead they nip at them from the rear. For that reason, the hook needs to be at the back of the hook.

Small Intruder-style flies are excellent choices for this job. Here’s a good one posted by North 40, a chain of sporting goods and home stores with integrated fly shops (no guide service) in Idaho and northern Montana:

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