Fly Tying Video: Bob Hopper 2.0

Fly Tying Video: Bob Hopper 2.0


The gold Bob Hopper 2.0 given above is a stand-in for the #10-12 flesh and pink-colored “Big Bob Hoppers” that worked great for us in 2018. We’ll be stocking this larger version of the Bob in about seven colors altogether in summer 2019.

A couple tips and notes I forgot to mention on the video:

1.) In #12, this pattern is buoyant enough to float a #16 tunghead or #14 standard beadhead nymph. This #10 version will float a #12 standard beadhead or a #14 tunghead.

2.) I found the gold-colored foam used here ONE time at Michael’s. It was labeled as “cinnamon,” which is usually a medium brown color. Walter bought the store’s entire stock of foam, since this stuff looked like it ought to work GREAT for golden stoneflies, hoppers, and caddis. He’s never seen it since, which suggest it was a one-off dye lot mistake. This is a good lesson about why you should ALWAYS buy a lot of any oddball/interesting foam you find. To get close to this gold color, look for “insect brown,” foam in fly shops, or color normal tan craft store foam golden brown using a Pantone marker.

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