Fly Tying Video: Gussied Lightning Bug Nymph

Fly Tying Video: Gussied Lightning Bug Nymph

This is the red/black Gussied Lightning Bug, our top nymph in fall 2018 on Yellowstone River floats and on the Gardner River in Yellowstone Park. We’ll be stocking it in a bunch of colors for next season.

Hook: #14-18 scud.

Bead: 3/32″ copper tungsten.

Thread: 8/0 black.

Tail: Coq-de-leon.

Abdomen: Two strands red holographic Flashabou.

Rib: Black Hareline Micro Tubing.

Wing Case: Opal UTC medium tinsel.

Thorax: Herter’s bloody black Hare’s Ice Dub, or 75/25 blend of black rabbit or acrylic dubbing and chocolate brown Ice Dub.

Legs: One strand of black/red Krystal Flash on each side of hook, doubled back on itself.

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