Yellowstone Blown Out…

Yellowstone Blown Out…

An early warm snap over the past few days has resulted in the Yellowstone blowing out with the first surge of the heavy spring snowmelt. This means that for right now our fishable options have shifted to the Boulder, Stillwater, Lower Madison, and Missouri Rivers and to area lakes.

Here’s a flow graph. The river has almost quadrupled in volume over the past few days:

Yellowstone River flow May 1 2021.

Below is the river’s level. It has come up about 2.5 feet since midnight on April 28. YIKES. This is the highest level the river has been since early July, 2020. Even if it had somehow remained clear, such a big jump would have made the fish weird for a few days. Since it’s full of chocolate brown mud and sticks, the trout are all hunkering on the bottom.

Yellowstone River level May 1 2021.

The good news is that this is not the onset of the full-scale runoff that will see the river completely out of play until well into June. The weather is forecast to drop back into the 50s-60s this week, and the NOAA forecast for the second week of May is calling for below-normal temperatures. Therefore we expect the river to drop back into shape by late this week and stay there through at least May 15 (assuming the outloos are accurate). There might not be much dry fly fishing, but these bumps in flow followed by drops before the heavy runoff hits typically bring great streamer fishing.

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