Parks’ Fly Shop Covid Policies – Updated June 1, 2021

Parks’ Fly Shop Covid Policies – Updated June 1, 2021

Shop Policies

  • All shop staff are fully vaccinated and will not wear masks unless customers request we do so (this isn’t a problem if you prefer we’re masked).
  • Vaccinated customers need not wear masks in the shop.
  • As per CDC guidelines, we emphatically encourage non-vaccinated individuals to mask up (but let’s be honest, almost no non-vaxxers will do so).
  • Seriously, get your vaccine unless you’re a young kid or for some reason unable to do so. The worse side effects any of us had were flu-like symptoms for 8hrs. Virtually all new virus cases in the USA are in unvaccinated people as of this writing.
  • We still encourage folks to socially distance. Don’t crowd into the shop, don’t shake hands, don’t lean over the counter to breath on the shop clerk while looking at a map, etc.
  • If you are in the area but would rather not come into the shop, give us a call at 406-848-7314 and place your order over the phone. We’ll package it up and meet you at the curb.

Summer Guide Business: Trip Planning and Temporary Changes to Policies

  • Assuming no unexpected surge in virus counts during the summer, we will operate under standard guided trip deposit and cancellation and all other policies in 2021.
  • We may be more lenient to modifications of our late cancellation policies in the event of travel problems associated with the crazy cost of rental cars right now. We will handle these issues on a case-by-case basis.
  • If there’s an unexpected India-style surge in virus numbers or something of that sort, all bets are off.

Masking on Guided Trips, etc.

  • In Montana, we will not require vaccinated individuals to wear masks at any time on guided trips.
  • Non-vaccinated individuals will be asked to wear masks while in our trucks/cars, or will be required to drive themselves.
  • Masks will not be required for anyone while out of our motor vehicles.

YNP Covid-19 Operations Plan

Yellowstone Park still has more stringent masking requirements than any surrounding states. Current park requirements are listed on this page.

Also note that as commercial operators, we must follow additional requirements not listed on the linked page. In particular, all passengers in our vehicles are still required to wear masks while in Yellowstone National Park. Assuming people continue getting vaccinated and case numbers continue to fall, we expect this requirement to be relaxed through the summer season.

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