The Latest on YNP Road Reopenings

The Latest on YNP Road Reopenings

YNP’s superintendent hosted a call that just ended for CUA holders on current road repair updates. Here are the specifics:

  • The Northeast Entrance Road to Cooke City will reopen as scheduled on October 15. Visitors will be able to enter the park as normal from Cooke City/Silver Gate, the entire Lamar Valley will be accessible, and in all respects normal travel will be possible on the park road network in the NE part of the park.
  • The North Entrance Road between Gardiner and Mammoth will not reopen as scheduled on October 15. 5000 feet of necessary guardrail has yet to be installed, much of which has not been delivered yet. As such, construction crews need more time to finish this work. The new latest target reopening date is November 1. Unfortunately, this is the day after the fishing season ends. The road may reopen between October 15 and November 1 if crews finish in time.
  • When the North Entrance Road does reopen, there will be no length/weight restrictions, closures, or other access issues. Once it’s open, it will be all the way open.
  • No access for the foreseeable future to the “Incinerator” area of the Gardner River, possibly for years/ever. The sewage line between Mammoth and Gardner was also severed in the June flood, and the replacement sewage infrastructure is now being placed in the Incinerator area, which for obvious reasons needs to be off-limits to visitors.
  • Access to the Gardner River in the vicinity of the old Boiling River parking areas may or may not be possible next season.


The above basically means we’re “status-quo 2022” as far as available guided fishing: early morning meet times and loooooonnng full-day trips in the park. While the Lamar area is now accessible, this is not important from a guiding perspective this late in the season. We really wish we could access the Gardner River other than walking in from Gardiner or via the High Bridge east of Mammoth.

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