Fly Tying Vid: Extended Body Girdle Bug

Fly Tying Vid: Extended Body Girdle Bug

The Extended Body Girdle Bug (Rubberlegs, Pat’s Rubberlegs, there are many names) is a twist on probably the most popular nymph in the northern Rockies these days. With a tungsten bead and simple extended body, it sinks like a brick and has more movement than most Girdle Bugs. Here I tie it in a copper/tan/brown color, but the basic pattern is a good “changeup” for any color of Pat’s Rubberlegs.

One thought on “Fly Tying Vid: Extended Body Girdle Bug

  1. Walter, we haven’t met, but I have all of your books and enjoy them immensely. I hope you will keep posting your blogs. I’ve driven by the Swan Lake flats a hundred times and have wondered what might be out there, but except for catching an early season brookie or three from Glen Creek, I’ve never stopped (always on my way elsewhere). Thank you for this great information.
    I’m a Salt Laker and a Yellowstone flyfisher since the 60s. I’ll look for you at the Wasatch Expo next week and will introduce myself.

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